Y12 and 13 in Greece

The following students will be in Greece during the first week of the Easter Holiday.  They have a timetabled minimum 1 hour of revision each day.  Can their teachers please ensure they have plenty to do.



Dave M


Nida Azhar 13
Katie Frow 13
Francesca Hodgetts 13
Marcin Marmurowicz 13
Dylan Morgan 13
Jordan Phillips 13
Sanjeet Somani 13
Jessica Wood 13
Leah Abedi 12
Ali Ahmed 12
Shahreen Ahmed 12
Luke Anniss 12
Nudrat Ansari 12
Charlie Ashton 12
Matthew Binyon 12
Isabella Chatterton 12
Natasha Chenery 12
Olivia Claremont 12
Kitty Cooke 12
Joseph Csoka 12
Zak Custis 12
Isabella Davies 12
Samuel Devine 12
Emma Dutton 12
Neha Ghelani 12
Ellie Hargreaves 12
Renee Hewitt 12
Adam Khan 12
Amy Lester 12
Jacob Meyer 12
Amal Naqvi 12
Charlotte Parker 12
Alexander Quigley 12
Lili Raheem 12
Lema Safi 12
Rumessa Saleem Ullah 12
Eildh Shaw 12
William Simpkins 12
Jennifer Singh 12
Matthew Spink 12

Year 11 Business exams – Week commencing 27th March 2017

Year 11 Business students will be completing a GCSE exam during the week commencing 27th March.  Please see details of the students involved below.

Many thanks in advance for your support.


Tuesday 28th March (all day)
Full Name Reg Group  
Amghar, Mobeene 11NDH  
Arshad, Faizaan 11LJH  
Grey, Lewis 11NDH  
Hosseini-Bagtari, Benjamin 11JCD  
Jones, Katie 11SXB  
Khalid, Shaujat 11HXS  
Khan, Ayaaz 11LJH  
McCormick, Cain 11BES  
Nadeem, Hasnain 11SLH  
Rafiq, Armaan 11ASW  
Rahman, Ayyub 11BES  
Shafiq, Yasser 11CBS  
Syed, Zaryab 11HXS  
Woodbridge , Rhys 11DJB  


Wednesday 29th March (all day)
Full Name Reg Group  
Abbas, Saim 11NDH  
Ahmed, Haider 11BES  
Ahmed, Sameer 11SXB  
Altaf, Adil 11CBS  
Arif, Hassan 11HXS  
Baig, Awais 11HXS  
Butt, Faizan 11SLH  
Cheema, Bobby 11LJH  
Chowdhury, Zaiba 11AXM  
Fredericks, Sean 11JCD  
Glanfield, Jono 11CBS  
Habib, Khidr 11ASW  
Haider, Naveed 11AXM  
Khan, Kashmala 11BES  
Marshall, Brooke 11BES  
Miah, Riyadh 11ASW  
Mukhtar, Saqib 11SXA  
Plant, James 11SLH  
Rafiq, Ommer 11ASW  
Webster-Zempt, Renee 11BES  
Zaidi, Mustafa 11AXM  


Thursday 30th March (all day)


Full Name Reg Group
Ahmed, Ebad 11HXS
Airey, Ben 11AXM
Ali, Saroosh 11LJH
Behzadnia, Omid 11NDH
Fathi, Mohammad 11 X
Habib, Bilal 11ASW
Haroon, Khalil 11JCD
Hurst, Shea 11 X
Jouzaa, Dalia 11HXS
Kadirzadeh, Sahand 11NDH
Lashley, Olivia 11SXA
Masood, Dawud 11AXM
Mohammed, Ishaq 11DJB
Regan, Jerrell 11ASW
Rehman, Sohail 11HXS
Robertson, Abby 11AXM
Rustage, Joseph 11JCD
Sahi, Ali 11LJH
Siddiqui, Atif 11LJH


















On Wednesday 8th March 2017 , each of the attached student will have an Urdu GCSE speaking assessment. They will be missing for 15 minutes and will be issued with a slip to explain where they have been. Please allow pupil to leave your class 5 minutes before their allocated time. Thanks for your cooperation.

Apologies for any inconvenience


Mr Hashmi

ALI Anam 10LMR
ALI Hasan 10SWO
DAR Mohammad 10JHW
DAR Momin 10CAM
RIAZ Umair 10MZA
SAJID Rizwan 10REB
ZAHID Aleena 10HKD
HUSSAIN Mohammad 10MZA
KHAN Akbar 10SWO
OMRAN Shoaib 10FSC
RIAZ Simran 10MJS
SHAFI Usamah 10CAM
SHAMS Yusraa 10JHW
ZAHID Abdullah 10MZA

Yr 11 practical Catering Exam Task 2

Hi All,


the following year 11’s will be in their practical catering exam from period 2 till the end of the school day on the following dates.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

wish them luck! (names in bold will be completing them at a later date)

Thank you


Monday 6th
Ben Airey
Sajida Askor
Elliot Bolton
Jayden Cretney
Matthew Fleming
Leah Heap
Sinead Holmes
Ishaa Mohammed
Mia Horridge
Katie Jones


Wednesday 8th
Minahil Ali
Farrzana Begum
Sally Boyle
Mani Cropp
Josh Culpepper
Ivo Margarido
Codi Hadfield
Luke Hayes
 Callum Lennox
Aliya Mahmood
Jebin Nahar
Seetal Singh
Yazmin Versace
Harry Nuttall


Friday 10th
Leah Armitage
Omid Behzadnia
Okonnor Edwards
Rachel Hodnett
Fionnuala Huckvale
James Jackson
Emily Jarratt
Aaliyah Johnson
Umar Khan
Mahirah Khatun
Lewis Lomas
Grace Mayer
Cain McCormick
Kieran Morrissey
George Robinson
Jake Wild

T&L Bright Spots – week ending 17th Feb

I’ve been saving these up for nearly a fortnight, but here’s a supersized collection of Bright Spots especially for the end of the half term – enjoy!

Last week I visited a whole bunch of Y7 Art and Technology lessons during practical ‘making time’. I was particularly impressed in Mr Goldstone, Miss Foster and Mr Davidson‘s classrooms not only by the standard of the work the students were producing but by the level of independence on display. Richard, Emma and John have done the hard work in advance via thorough planning, high-quality resources and building a strong classroom culture that one Y7 described as “I like not having to wait to be told what to do next”. As a result, students are independently engaged and motivated to produce their own products of incredible quality.

Debut Bright Spots mentions for two of our ITT student teachers, Miss Clifton (maths) and Miss Leach (food tech). I saw Amy teaching a Y11 class one of the new GCSE maths topics that was previously only at AS and was really impressed by her confident explanations and carefully-structured resources – as a result the students left the lesson understanding a concept they’d never been exposed to before. Over in Y10 food, Caroline’s students were genuinely fascinated by the seemingly magical properties of cornflour mixed with water, leading to some really insightful leaps of understanding. The video of Kade Sanderson hypothesising about the effect of heat on the gluten molecules is well worth a watch – find it here: T:\Teachers Area\FOOD – kade

Some truly amazing creative work on display in Miss Cross’s Y7 lessons this week, where students have been producing 3D models of rainforest ecosystems, baking cakes to represent medieval villages and confidently teaching their peers about their current humanities topics (pictures below) All of this is a direct result of Lauren’s takeaway homework grid which has helped her to really raise the bar on students’ independent learning while giving them the creative freedom to be able to respond in whichever way engaged them the most. This is a sound example of the highest layer of Bloom’s taxonomy – creating something new by synthesising understanding from one form to another.

In Maths, Mr Cray has been making great use of a free web-based quiz generator called Kahoot (www.getkahoot.com) for A-level revision with his 6th form students. Kahoot is simple to use and allows students to interact directly with multiple-choice questions using their own phones or a class set of iPads, but it isn’t just the technology that makes this effective. At the heart of this technique are multiple choice questions that Lawrence has carefully written so that each incorrect answer reveals a particular misconception, helping him to assess exactly where each student’s learning gaps are. Whether you choose to go high-tech or low-tech, this is still a highly effective AfL technique.

Finally, a special mention to Miss Ali‘s incredible work as BTEC quality nominee. The systems, procedures and support for subject leads that Shana has put in to place has been adopted as a national model of good practice, meaning that her hard work and commitment to our own BTEC students will now have a much wider impact on students in other schools.

Have a lovely restful break,

Year 12 A-S Art Exam May 3rd & May 4th

The following year 12 students will be off timetable on May 3rd and May 4th for their A-S Art exam in G19. Any problems please contact J.Davison.

Adnan Jouzaa

Moumen alGhabra

Ali Bakri

Sam Bell

Lijaz Choudhury

Olivia Clermont

Emma DuttoN

Muizz Gaddah

Sammy Grayson

Renee Hewitt

Niall Hurley

Amina Iqbal

Tianne Marshall

Ibrahim Rifat

Zilan Selvi

Joel Sheldrake

Amin Tahir

Macy Tedstone

Magda Zajkowska

Yasmin Zaki

Year 13 A-level Art exam

The following five year 13 students will be off timetable all day for their A-level Art exam on Wednesday May 3rd, Thursday May 4th and Friday May 5th in G19. Any problems please contact J.Davison.

Hana Curtis

Uzair Iqbal

Heshu Rashid

Abdul Rizgar

Teneia Sanderson

GCSE Photography Exam, 20,21,22 and 23rd March

The GCSE photography exam will take place over 4 days from Monday 20th March to Thursday 23rd Match. There are two groups so only one group will be missing from lessons on each particular day. The exam will take place in G16 and G21. If you do have lessons in these rooms on these days please could you find an alternative room or come back to me if you have any problems. Both rooms will be needed all day on the four days.

The following year 11 students will be missing from your lessons on the below dates.

Monday 20th and Wednesday 22nd March

Ali Amir

Ihsan Ahmed

Joe Atkinson

Joe Bryant

Rebecca Caulfield

Ellen Cosgrove

Kamala Evans

Amberlea Gleave

Fiza Hasan

George Hurst

Isabella Jackson

Kashmala Khan

Olivia Lashley

Lewis Lomas

Grace Mayer

Cain McCormick

Adani Rahman

Abby Robertson

Hannah Sajawal

Jemima Sandford

Tuesday 21st and Thursday 23rd March

Nimra Ahmad

Ansel Andrews

William Blackburn

Ricky Chu

Ivo Fieire

Satyam Ghelani

Harry Grainger

Alex Hogg

Sinead Holmes

Rayed Hussain

Umar Khan

Matthew Kilpatrick

Sam Kinloch Large

Adam Leathwaite

Louis Littlejohn

Caitlin Maloney

Elias Raoufi

Saara Rasul

Alper Yalcin Evren

Art GCSE Exams March 16th & 20th

The GCSE Art exam will be on Thursday 16th Match and Monday 20th March in G17 and  G19. the following students will be off timetable all day, on both dates. Any problems please contact J.Davison. Apologies for any inconvenience.



Aadil Arshad

Gracie Ashpole

Omid Behzadnia

Elliot Bolton

Ty Cox

Orla Dillon

James Jackson

Emily Jarratt

Robyn Johnson

Dalia Jouzaa

Ashcon Kharanjani

Emily Lanigan

Zain Malik

Tess Owen

Tayyab Raja

Freya Reeves Ward

Josh Risely

George Robinson

Niayasha Sterling

Poppy Watson

Zainab Aslam

Amie Cherry

Zaiba Chowdhury

Tobias Clement

Hannah Collinge

Serina Goh

Amy Goulermas

Danny Greenwood

Helin Hasan

Prya Kapur

Judi Kayali Charifi

Shaujat Khalid

Cherry Kok

Max Kureishy

Rosa Littlejohn -Waller

Remy Mccabrey

Kate Pickup

Thomas Rees

Cameron Shaw

Laiba Sheeraz

Edward Simmonds

Freya Waddington

Noor Zafar